A Review of Posterous

I signed up for Posterous in October 2008 because of my frustration with having so many different sites to update: Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, twitter. With my iPhone, updating while on the go becomes a reality, particularly with the advent of new services such as Twitter, Brightkite, and Facebook. However, writing blog posts and uploading pictures to multiple sites became a chore, especially with just 2G service.

What is LifeStreaming?
Sites like Facebook and Twitter made it easy to update an audience on the current happenings quickly and easily. Lea Woodward wrote a nice piece on life streaming, what it is and how it can be used. By following and by posting, a conversation quickly forms between writer and the audience and vice versa. It can quickly become extreme, as demonstrated by a fellow Pepperdine alumna when she attempted to update the world on her child birth.

Along comes Posterous
Maintaining multiple sites can quicly become an administrative nightmare. In one of my first posts, complained the difficultly of updating multiple sites. What Posterous does is allow you to send your "posts" to an e-mail address: post@posterous.com. Anything you send from that e-mail address, including images, music, videos, links, and more are automatically formatted appropriately, stored, and displayed in your post. Additionally, depending on what services you setup, Posterous will automatically update those as well. I currently have my Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, and personal blog updated.

E-mail seems outdated for the early adopters but still remains a universal medium for communication. You don't have to learn new interfaces for new sites as they come out, and only have to setup my credentials through Posterous and simply send an e-mail. This allows you to write your post through Outlook, GMail, Hotmail, or whatever you want to use. More importantly, it allows you to use your mobile device's e-mail functionality to send pictures, updates, and more. No need for iPhone apps or lack of MMS functionality (Steve Jobs!).

As the developers work on adding more functionality, such as site specific posting, the service will become more and more powerful.

Get your Posterous today: Simply send anything to post@posterous.com and they will send you back a link to your new site. It's that easy.

Disclaimer: I have no personal or financial ties to Posterous, Inc. My endorsement of the service is simply my personal excitement for a revolutionary product.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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